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    WWF - Emerald Garden  Club
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 3 star Discount Hotel 20 km from Krabi airport;  Resort in Aonang Beach with amazing seaview tropical garden.

September 2003 - Emerald Garden Resort Staff  clean the Hat Not Parat Thara Beach.


Emerald Garden Resort & Restaurant
sono eco compatibili, cioè non   emettono nessun tipo di inquinamento nell’ambiente e curano la massima riduzione dell’uso di elementi potenzialmente inquinanti.

  • Tutte le acque di scarico sono sottoposte a filtri sotterranei per deposizione e quindi rilasciati sottoterra per dispersione. Non una goccia di scarico finisce nel nostro river.

  • Viene effettuata regolarmente la creazione di "Compost" con l’uso di resti di ristorante e tagli di erba, esso è usato per concimare i fiori e le piante del nostro emerald garden; nessun concime chimico è usato.

  • È regolarmente effettuata la raccolta differenziata dei rifiuti; vetro, plastica, carta, lattine, medicinali e batterie vengono raccolti in contenitori separati e quindi riciclati.

  • I nostri clienti sono costantemente sensibilizzati ed invitati a contenere l’uso dell’acqua e dei lavaggi, per i quali usiamo esclusivamente saponi biodegradabili.

  • TV, Frigo e A/C sono a basso consumo di energia e sono funzionanti nelle camere impianti come i Key Board per la riduzione del consumo di Energia Elettrica.

  • È presente un WWF Club all’interno del nostro staff che periodicamente compie operazioni di pulizia di tratti di spiagge o di salvataggio di animali prigionieri, come le aquile che vengono poi liberate.

  • Aiutateci a salvare l’ambiente ed il nostro meraviglioso Tropical Emerald Garden !

    Emerald Garden Resort &
    are Environment-compatible, that is they don't utter any type of pollution in the environment and they take care of the maximum reduction of the use of elements potentially polluting.

  • All the unloading waters are submitted to underground filters by deposition and therefore released underground by dispersion. Not a unloading drop ends in our river.

  • It is regularly effected the creation of "Compost" by the use of rests of food and cuts of grass, it is used to manuring the flowers and the plants of our emerald garden; any chemical fertilizer is used.

  • It is regularly effected the diversified pickup of the trash; glass, plastics, paper, cans, medicines and batteries are picked up in separate containers and therefore recycled.

  • Our customers are constantly sensitized to contain the use of the water and the washings, for which we use biodegradable soaps exclusively.

  • Our TV, Fridge and A/C are at low consumption of Energy and Key Board Systems for the reduction of the consumption of Electric Energy are working in the rooms.

  • It is organized a WWF Club inside our staff that periodically it completes operations of beaches cleaning or lifesaving of imprisoned animals as the eagles that are freed then.

  • Help us to save the environment and ours marvelous Tropical Emerald Garden!


    Our Friends :  easy to see in the jungle around

    A pretty Squirrel

    The King Fishers


     Viper !
         On left the Cobra




    and above King Snake !!


    On left the Flying Lizzard




    and on right Miss.Priccy, our mascotte

    White head Eagle



    A Owl

    The Lemur

     A Little Colibrì

    A very beautifull  Blu Butterfly


    The  Iguana


     The Scolopendra - Centipede

    The White Gibbons                

    The Ao Nang Krabi Elephant


    Environment and Animals helping activity

    We are Mr. Lek, Miss. Miao and Mr. Joke and we are Staff of Emerald Garden Resort and WWF Emerald Garden Group members.

    We are trying to organize some WWF activity inside and outside our Magic Tropical Emerald Garden:

    1. Waste Differentiate Collection (alluminium-glass-plastic-farmac-battery)
    2. "Compost" preparation using grass-food-leaves etc.
    3. Save power ( electricity) and water.
    4. To use biodegradable soap and cleanser only.
    5. No trash and dirty water in the river, it mean no sea pollution.   
    6. Once per year, to clean Hat Not Parathara Beach
    7. Buy and let be free some prisoner eagles ( someone catch them for sale)

    We will informe you soon by our pictures !

    You can write us suggestion and opinion:  





    Thai marine world


     Thailand has one of the most beautiful and abundant marine worlds and animals due to the fact that Thailand has long coastlines in the shape of an axe extending into the Malay Peninsular, dividing the coastlines into two: the eastern coastline or the Gulf of Thailand which links with the Pacific Ocean and the western coastline or the Andaman Sea which links with the Indian Ocean.

    Thai waters are abundant food sources and important routes for transporting cargos as well as transferring cultures since the old day. Thai sea acts like a big open gate, accepting richness of the sea brought along by the north eastern monsoon to the Gulf of Thailand and by the south western monsoon from Andaman sea into the southern and western parts of Thailand.

    Thailand becomes a tourism attraction where visitors who love the sea, divers and travelers from all over the world come to enjoy the bright sun shine, white sandy beaches, clear and sparkling sea water and the rich undersea world.

    Thailand eastern sea ranges from Pattaya Bay, Koh Larn, Koh Sak, Samae San, Koh Mun, Koh Samet to the end of the eastern coastline at Koh Chang. The underwater marine lives are mainly hard corals, Neptune's cup sponge. The good dive sites are situated at Koh Lan, Koh Sak, Samae San while shipwrecks such as Suthatip and Petchburi Bremen are good wreck diving sites.


    Chumporn is known for its unique black corals, sea anemones, leather soft corals and rich in marine fishes. The popular diving sites here are Koh Ngam Yai, Koh Ngam Noi and Koh Lak Ngam.

    Koh Tao
    The good dive sites include Kong Chumporn, Kong Tunggu, Hin Bai (Sail Rock), Kong Sai Daeng where divers will find beautiful underwater scenery with hard coral, black corals, sea whips, sea combs, and large schools of reef fishes such as jacks, bat fishes, etc.

    Lo Sin
    Lo Sin consists of outcrops, almost at the far end of Gulf of Thailand and is part of Pattini Province. This outcrop lies outside of Narathiwat shore by 55 miles. Here are shelters for large number of reef fishes such as schools of jacks, white and red snappers, bat fishes and barracudas. Here one also finds giant groupers, big sting rays, black tipped reef sharks and whale shark.

    The Andaman Sea lies in great length along the west coastline of the golden axe. The Andaman coast stretches some 894 kilometers from Ranong Province to Satun Province. The Andaman Sea on this side has clearer and deeper water with more colorful and abundant marine animals than those at the eastern coastline. It becomes famous and known to visitors and scuba divers all over the world.

    North Andaman

    Surin Islands
    Surin Islands lie some 60 kilometers away from Kuraburi pier. Aroung these islands there were shallow reefs with hard corals which are beautiful and complete and believed to be the most beautiful sites for snorkelers. Surins are also good for scuba divers to see turtles, lobsters, humped head parrot fishes and bat fishes.

    Richelieu Rock
    Richelieu Rock is known to divers all over as the site to see whale sharks. It lies around 8 miles east of Surin islands and a great site for scuba diving.

    Koh Tachai
    Koh Tachai is situated between Surin Islands and Similan Islands. The good dive site is submerged rock filled with big schools of reef fish such as bat fishes, barracuda, jacks, parrot fishes, wrasses and sharks.

    Koh Bon
    Koh Bon is a small isolated island with its unique beauty. Manta rays are found mostly near the north tip of the island, turtles and reef fishes are also abundant.

    Similan Islands
    Similan Islands consist of 9 islands lying from south to north, like a string of pearl necklace on a turquoise blue velvet cloth of Andaman Sea. It was rated in the top 10 best and finest dive sites in the world. The islands are favored for their rich marine life and interesting underwater granite rock formation. Similan Islands still retain their renowned name for the spectacular undersea world of soft corals of numerous colors, Gorgonian sea fans, barrels sponges, feather starts. Reef sea fishes both small and big are found everywhere.

    Koh Raja
    Koh Raja consists of 2 islands: Koh Raja Yai and Koh Raja Noi which lie south of Phuket Island. Raja Yai has the fringing reefs good for both snorkeling and diving. Raja Noi has some soft corals and fans, reef fishes such as frog fish.

    Koh Dokmai
    Koh Dokmai is situated between Phi Phi Islands and Phuket Island. It is a small island where on one side is underwater ridges covered with soft corals, sea anemones and reef fishes such as barracuda, moray eels and many others.

    South Andaman
    Musang Rock consists of Musang Nok (Anemone Reed) and Musang Nai (Shark Point). These two dive sites are very well known of hills of sea anemones and soft corals.

    King Cruiser Wreck
    King Cruiser Wreck is another dive site near Phi Phi Island. It has now become a new home for reef fishes such as lion fishes, barracudas and many others.

    Phi Phi Islands
    Phi Phi Islands consist of several islands: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lay, Koh Mai Pai, Koh Yoong and Koh Pida. Phi Phi Islands are islands which are very well known for its beauty both on land and underwater. They consist of marvelous underwater scenery and excellent dive spots, some have ledges and bounlders well covered with soft corals, fans, sea whips.

    Koh Hah Yai
    Koh Hah Yai consists of a group of small islands with underwater caves, caverns, boulders covered with soft corals, sea whips, sea fans, sea anemones and colorful nudibranchs and other reef fishes.

    Hin Daeng-Hin Muang
    Hin Daeng-Hin Muang are good dive sites that look like 2 underwater hills sitting next to each other. The tip of Hin Daeng just protruded out of the water whild Hin Muang is submerged. A wide variety of marine life includes those rarely spotted ghost pipefishes, decorator crabs, long nose hawkfish, etc.

    Trang Islands
    Trang sea is dotted with islands such as Koh Muk, Koh Kradan, Koh Wan, Koh Cheuk, etc. Koh Muk is famous of its strange beautiful shape. Koh Kradan however has clear blue water and white sandy beaches. It is known as the site where couples come to arrange underwater wedding, a real and formal one, presided by the local sheriff in his underwater gear. Other islands have good coral reefs with some beautiful corals.

    Tarutao Islands

    Tarutao island
    Tarutao island lie at the southern most of Andaman Sea. There are may interesting dive sites.

    Scubanet Rock
    Schubanet Rock lies south of Koh Leepeh and consists of three submerged boulders, filled with colorful soft corals, sea fans, cup corals and sea anemones. Schubanet rock is one of the famous dive site in Tarutao area.

    Koh Jabang
    Koh Jabang is a place for snorkelers and divers alike. Underwater, there is a flat table full of colorful soft corals, just like an underwater garden.

    Koh Dong
    Koh Dong consists of several small islands with areas for snorkeling and diving. There are gardens of soft corals and divers can find various strange species of nudibranchs



    Krabi Beaches  INFO

    Krabi's beaches are some of the best to be found anywhere and lie within easy access from the main town of Krabi.   Each has its own attractions to offer the tourist  --  be it simple relaxation in the sun and sea, seclusion, or the opportunity to indulge in water sports and other activities in the ultimate tropical paradise locale. Krabi's main beaches are as follows:

    Ao Pra Nang Beach
    Ao Nang or Ao Phra Nang, features Krabi's most developed beach. Fringed by palms, the long beach is backed by a wide range of accommodation including resorts, bungalows and guesthouses. Most travel services can be found here, and there is a good variety of restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine. Due to it's locale and range of services and accommodation, Ao Nang serves as the ideal place to both stay put and relax, or from which to explore surrounding islands and beaches.
    Rai Lei Beach
    The west side of the headland features a beautiful curved beach backed by limestone cliffs and jungle which provide contrast with the flat blue waters of the Andaman sea. The very picture of tropical paradise, it is a favourite place for climbers and water sport enthusiasts. Accommodation choice is surprisingly varied for such a small area - everything to luxury resort style to the most basic bungalows, and a few restaurants and bars provide the basic necessities. High season is busy, but it's also worth making a trip in low season when most activities can still be enjoyed, and monsoon weather changes provide spectacular views over the ocean. The east side of Rai Leh Beach is home mostly to mangroves, some accommodation and restaurants. It is also the most convenient spot from which to hail boat transport (unless you want to hike back over the headland).
    Tahm Pra Nang Beach
    Within 10 minutes walk of Rai Leh east, this beach lies on the outer most point of the headland and backed by a limestone cliff housing the Outer Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nok. Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed off this pristine, white sandy beach, and from here it is possible to hike to the top of the headland to get spectacular views of the entire area.  
    Nopparat Thara Beach
    Located within 18 km west of Krabi town, this quiet beach lies within the Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park and features a long sandy stretch lined by casurina trees. Popular with local Thai picnickers and those who like to swim and sun worship, it is also possible at low tide to walk from the beach across to some of the islands dotted in the bay. Great for a day visit.    
    Krabi Islands
    In the coastal waters off Krabi, lie more than 200 islands, some of them inhabited, and many that belong to Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park. These islands offer a host of recreational opportunities including reef diving and world-class rock climbing, and harbor some of the most exotic, private beaches.  
    Phi Phi Islands
    Comprising of two main islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, these islands are a part of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park.

     Phi Phi Don Island One of southern Thailand's most popular tourist destinations, features sheer limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. Anvil in shape, the island covers a total area of 28sq km in length and 3.5km at its broadest point. The neck or handle of the island is where the majority of the tourist accommodation and services are located, and is the central point for boats to dock. An uninhabited section of the island lies to the west, and Cape Laem Tohng, on the northern tip, is home to the Chao Ley, or Sea Gypsys. Diving at Laem Tohng is excellent, as it is also at Hua Rah Ket to the extreme south.

     Phi Phi Ley Island Eentirely comprised of steep cliffs, with caves and a sea lake. It features several beautiful bays ideal for snorkeling, and on the northeast side, the famous Viking Cave, which contains pre-historic paintings. The island is also a popular site for nesting swifts, and local people come there daily to collect the nests used to make Bird's Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy.
    To the north of Phi Phi Don lies Koh Yoong Island featuring 2 small beaches and well preseved coral gardens off shore.
    Adjacent to Koh Yoong lies Koh Pai Island with small swimming beaches on the north and east side, and coral gardens off the south end.
    Lanta Islands
    About 53 islands are included in this group, which form the southern most district of Krabi Province.

    Koh Lanta Yai
    The largest of the islands,it was known long ago by its name in the Malay language, Pulao Satak, which means Long Beach Island. The island is a favourite spot for those who seek peace and solitude, and is the home of the District and National Park offices. Mountainous and rugged in some spots, especially near the southern tip; with a combination of gravelly and fine white sandy beaches, the island is also home to a clan of Chao Ley, or Sea Gypsies who preserve many of their ancient customs and ceremonies. Some accomodation and services are available, and the island is easily accessed by ferry from Ban Hua Hin Pier in Tambon Koh Khlang; Bor Muang Pier in Tambon Sai Kao; or Jao Fah Pier in Krabi Town.

    Koh Taleng Beng
    Lies in the Lanta district and similar in shape to Phi Phi Ley. Swallows also nest at this island which at low tide features a small beach and tunnel.

    Mu Koh Hah
    Still in the Lanta area, this is a group of 5 islands featuring coral gardens and good diving spots. 

    Koh Ngai, Koh Rock Nai and Koh Rock Nok
    South of Lanta Island, these 3 islands are close to Trang Province. Koh Ngai is easily accessed via ferry from Pak Meng Beach, others are accessed by hired boat and feature both beaches and coral gardens.



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